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Customer Reviews


"I had doubts that I would find a tux suitable for the occasion on such short notice, but the friendly and most helpful staff at Black Knight Tuxedos quickly put my fears to rest. Thanks Black Knight!"

Curtis Riedel

"I needed a tux and a friend suggested Black Knight. I was expecting high prices and a long wait for my tux to be ready. Best customer service I've had in years and my tux was ready in half an hour! Much appreciated and would highly recommend!"

Dave Gauthier

"Year after year, Black Knight Tuxedos continues to do an amazing job helping us out with tuxedos. Every October, their donation of tuxedo rentals enables our Ladies Gala event to be a profitable fundraiser for various Red Deer charities. It's awesome to see a local business giving back to the community. Thanks again."

Matt Hamill - Piper Creek Optimists Club of Red Deer

"I had previously visited a different store to rent a suit for my grad. The suit did not arrive the day before grad like it was supposed to. Being only one day away, I knew I would be hard-pressed to find a replacement in such little time. However, the girls at Black Knight did an excellent job and got me a suit, tailored and everything ... on the spot. I am very thankful that they could do this for me and am very impressed with their attitude and understanding for my situation. I am very grateful and will be coming back to Black Knight if I ever need another suit. Thanks a lot!"

Wilson Weiss

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